About Nic

Nic has been a coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator in a variety of industries, where he has built a strong reputation for his experience, tools and enthusiasm that adds immediate value. His central drive is to guide people, through targeted learning and insight, to align their personal and role purpose in practical ways that ensure leadership growth.

Nic is not just a teacher and coach, he is committed to living life, to help others make the connections that will answer the question of what drives them towards being an authentic manager and leader. Connecting to this essence is a keystone paradigm in Nic’s training and coaching ethic, and it builds an impressive story of compassion, creativity and concentrated drive toward outcomes. Nic’s responses to life’s ups and downs stand proof to his personal mission to deliver empowerment through understanding and internal awareness. Nic was blessed to receive life’s golden ticket in 2013 – surviving a stroke caused by a blood clot in the base of his brain stem – firming his resolve to stand strong, an event like this makes you sit up and consider your life in quite a different way, a purposeful way.

“That’s why I teach, coach and inspire leaders and managers to achieve something more purposeful and real.”

A fast thinker and quick on his feet, Nic has moved through his career, immersing himself in positions where he can test and iterate, driving positive and lasting change through logical business processes that achieve top-class standards that bring lasting results. He has held positions with training centers, sporting bodies, large franchise operations, recruitment and employment agencies.

Nic also trained and spent his early career as a school teacher – where the drive to inspire was born. These personal accomplishments give Nic an outstanding track record and insight into creating real lasting change – for individuals and their organisations. Nic has worked across the business spectrum, leading him to a point of great diversity in skill, experience, knowledge, and practice. To Nic, outstanding leaders build up those around them, helping others to believe in themselves and create transformational change.

Clear purpose and the choice we all have to act are Nic’s hallmark – in his personal style, his work ethic and his approach to working with clients and partners: planned, strategic efforts aligned with a clearly visualized goal will achieve success. To live an inspired life, focusing on the things that really matter – has created his resolve to blend humanity and humility with rigor and stoicism, which create a business and personal development platform that cannot fail to resonate with the deepest of personal aspirations. Nic believes outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of those around them – to believe in themselves to accomplish the most they possibly can. This transformational leadership style is what makes Nic and engaging teacher, inspirational coach and constant motivator.   Often the best description comes from someone other than yourself!

Testimonial from Marty Mann – Site Manager Mission Australia, Devonport/Queenstown (2015)

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed learning off you, not only in Management stuff but life stuff as well. I was only talking with Jodie today about how beneficial your teaching has been for me as I have been learning the ropes as a manager. I believe that I have been so blessed to work for Mission Australia and to have a trainer such as yourself giving me guidance it has been a great journey so far. Thank you for you passion and desire to help people become better and to help them improve. It is great when God blesses someone with a gift and then they use it to its full measure and that is certainly what you are doing. Looking forward also to getting some training organised for my staff next year”

Testimonial from Jeffrey Hirono – Project Manager, National Disability Practitioners (May 2016)

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Nic on the delivery of several workshops. Nic’s charismatic demeanour together with his expert knowledge of the disability sector and business acumen made these workshops truly invaluable, both to the participants and the sector as a whole. On every occasion, responses of these workshops have been stellar. Given the changing environment and the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Nic has positioned himself to be a leading player in developing and delivering quality training resources that support teams, supervisors, and frontline workers to better focus on their clients. I would highly recommend his services to anyone and everyone in any sector”

Testimonial from Narelle Beer – Office Manager, Meander Valley Council (September 2016)

“Before coming to your training I was aware of possible improvements and were we needed to concentrate our energy to make some changes, however I feel I now have a real sense of how to proceed, some clear goals and workable solutions. With this I hope to perhaps guide others to achieve better outcomes. 

It feels a little like I am sitting above the problems with a much clearer vision rather than in amongst it not knowing how to make the difference”